Rage Guy
It appeared originally in series of four-pane comics that become popular through 4chan's board. In this meme, the main character expresses serious disappointment, exasperation or displeasure in reacting to a given situation, sometimes originated by an accident. In the comic, when this situation occurs, the main character looks to the ceiling, opens widely his mouth and shouts "FFFFfffuuuuuuuuu".
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Everything went better than expected

It's a variant of Rage guy. Although this meme is a reedited form of Rage guy, the main character has a happy unexpected ending instead of the typical "Fuuuu" ending.
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Poker Face

It appeared originally in four-pane comics. Normally, an embarrassing situation occurs and the main character responds with a blank and indifferent expression.
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It’s used on a situation where someone wants or tries to do something and he fails. Then he gives up and says: okayy… resignedly.

Fuck Yeah

Fuck Yeah is a winner, it illustrates all these moments of our everyday lives where we feel like cracks for something that we have done, it doesn't matter how much silly it is.

The first four-pane comic of this meme dates back to February 2010 in the community 4chan.

Oh my god what have I done

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It is a meme that shows a very sorry for what he has done and is ignored.

Are you fucking kiding me

This meme is used in situations where the main character realises that something or someone tries to fool him or tell him a lie. The character answers to the situation with a non-friendly face.

Puke Rainbows


This meme represents a person vomiting a rainbow due to something very sweety or cheesy that he has seen. It's used by serious people who think that pink, candy and sugar are sickly sweet and when they see romantic situations like the one in the example vignette, they automatically feel an overdose of rainbows and they vomit them (rainbows are a metaphor of pretty things).

Cereal Guy


This is one of the most famous memes on the internet. This character is always eating cereal (which is the origin of its name) and he is also watching TV. While he's eating cereal, a sentence is started by someone on the TV screen (or on a picture) and he advances to its ending, because this meme represents a guy who knows almost everything.
Vignettes of this meme often show him failing in his prediction. When that happens this meme is accompanied of another meme, who spits cereals because he is shocked with the real ending.CerealSpitting.png

Yao Ming


This meme is called Yao Ming because he comes from a modified photo of a famous basketball player.(Yao-Ming-meme.jpg). It shows an unworried smile. This meme is used in comics after a situation which should worry the main character is presented to him. The main character answers with this laughing face, which means that the situation doesn't worry him at all.


It's Something

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It's Something meme is a conformist, rather than depressed or angry. This meme appears when the result of something is not the expected one, but it is still more than nothing.

The first appearance of this meme was found in tumblr, by an user named RCDB.

Mother of God

Mother of god is a meme that expresses a surprise after seeing something unpleasant or shocking, that's why the meme takes off his glasses, as he doesn't believe what he is seeing.




Trollface is a meme that was originated in a MSPaint by a user called Whynne DevianArt. I'ts normally used for expressing a trolling situation, where the troll does a bad action and laughs of the people that recieve this action. Apart from that, Trollface is also the founder of the TrollScience, a science where everything is possible.

The first performances of Trollface back to 2008.



Y U NO is a meme that complains strongly about something, and usually contains a social or political criticism.

The facial expression of character, full of rage, seems to be originated from the chapter number 55 of Gantz (a manga), which was published in 2002.
But its origin as meme is dated on 2010.
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Challenge Accepted


Challenge accepted is a meme where a very difficult challenge is presented to the main character, normally near the impossible, that is accepted by him.

He became known in the Bungie forums Flood, but the phrase "Challenge Accepted" was used by Barney Stinson in the TV show "How I Met Your Mother” before the creation of the meme.

Feel like a ninja


Feel like a ninja is a meme that expresses an action typical of a ninja: the avoidment of a risk without being seen by anyone.

The meme was created by the user jorja in cuantocabron.com the December of 2010.



Liar… is a meme that expresses that a lie has been told to the main character of the vignette.
He feels so displeased to realise that he has been told a lie that he almost cries and he quietly protests.



This meme represents people laughing or acting foolishly (like a fool). Comes from the acronym LOL (laugh out loud).

Me gusta

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Me gusta is a meme that expresses a great pleasure for doing an action, but this action is usually a bit dirty.

That's suspicious


That's suspicious is a meme where a character finds that something that has been done is unnormal.

Forever alone


Forever Alone is a meme derived from Rage guy (fffuuu) expressing loneliness, rejection, pain for leaving lonely, etc.

It is unclear where it came from, but it started to become popular in communities such as 4chan or tumblr at mid of 2010.


Lately, they are creating videos where those memes appear, but for the moment there are just a few. Here are some examples:

Rage Guy in action: Rage Guy Meets a Girl

Trollface: Trollface Dance